ePMS Customer Relationship Management – Ensuring customer satisfaction is key to the success of any business. This is where customer relationship management comes in. CRM uses business data to manage all areas of your interactions with your customers. This module makes CRM easier and more efficient by automating this function. The features of the module include:


  • Lets concerned staff view customer data and interaction history with the company to strengthen relationships and build loyalty
  • Service request function consolidates customer requests and suggestions for monitoring and action, if necessary
  • Allowing you to organize follow-up inquiries to more easily manage them
  • Follow up on actions taken on customer inquiries
  • Marketing tools including analysis of sales and marketing data as well as capability of sending out bulk e-mails
  • Lead tracking captures information on potentials and assigns leads to concerned sales agents based on selected criteria
  • Solicitation function sends out inquiry emails to potentials and manages their responses to identify leads
  • Easily generate payment requests and other recurring correspondence to customers using pre-designed templates
  • Monitors customer data such as purchase history in order to improve customer satisfaction as well as increasing sales