EDI for Microsoft Dynamics AX

EDI for Microsoft Dynamics AX
EDI for Microsoft Dynamics® AX is an important value-added service for companies in the distribution, retail and manufacturing markets. One of the many benefits users of Microsoft Dynamics AX enjoy is access to a single platform for managing multiple facets of their business operations.
With this in mind, eLinx Infotech developed an EDI managed service offering for users of the Microsoft Dynamics AX ERP platform called B2BMailbox. Our EDI technology provides the most flexible and easy-to-use integrated EDI solution on the market for your your business and its most critical supply chain partners.

What makes B2BMailbox different from other Microsoft Dynamics AX EDI services?

  • EDI Managed Services Deployment: eLinx Infotech’s B2BMailbox EDI solution is a cloud based managed service. Our EDI operations team takes care of: trading partner relationships, routing, translating and connectivity. With thousands of trading partners on our network (carriers and vendors) and experts that manage and execute your EDI, we enable you to remain focused on your business. Our service provides continuous monitoring and sends alerts for failed messages along with documentation of why the failure occurred. We also provide analytics and reporting of critical data to ensure you receive optimal performance from your trading partners.
  • Proprietary EDI Value Added Network (VAN): As an EDI solution for Microsoft Dynamics AX, B2BMailbox is a more complete solution than others because the service offering includes access to our proprietary EDI VAN. Most EDI service providers for Dynamics AX utilize a third party VAN provider. One of the many benefits of our EDI service is that you get access to a platform that includes a private VAN and the corresponding EDI software.
  • Seamless Integration with Microsoft Dynamics AX: eLinx Infotech’s EDI managed service for Dynamics AX is more than a background process responsible for data verification and translation with a VAN. We have developed a proprietary IP that consists of a custom-designed adapter for Microsoft Dynamics AX. With B2BMailbox, you and your vendors have access to real-time information about the status of your purchase orders, sales orders, invoices and shipments within Microsoft Dynamics AX.
  • Vendor Portal and Modern UI: The B2BMailbox EDI software allows your vendors and trade partners to access a vendor portal to manage the sending and receiving of purchase orders and invoices.
  • Cloud Services and VAN Integrations: Because B2BMailbox is an adaptable EDI technology, we have built custom integrations for many of the cloud-based services being utilized by businesses today. From Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) providers like Amazon and Rackspace to major Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) platforms like Salesforce and NetSuite, B2BMailbox gives you the ability to integrate your existing systems with our EDI platform. In addition to all this, B2BMailbox can also connect to other VANs that your current trade partners may already be using.