ePMS Waste Management System. Managing waste is a major issue for property owners and managers. This module provides a comprehensive set of tools that simplifies waste management throughout all its stages from recycling and reuse systems to storage and collection of waste and landfill disposal or waste treatment.

Key Function of Waste Management Solution
  • Helping your property stay within the best practices of waste management in the industry, including remaining compliant with local and state regulations, duty of care requirements and tracking of waste materials to ensure it is disposed of properly
  • Performing routine tasks such as categorizing wastes for disposal or recycling, arranging for waste shipments, arranging for on-site waste treatment and tracking the property’s generated waste
  • Simplified management of documentation relating to waste management
  • Contract management tools simplify negotiating with contractors and sub-contractors for waste disposal/management tasks
  • Customer relationship management tools include automation of customer service and sales force
  • Generate reports on the status of waste management tasks