ePMS Fixed Asset Property Management Software

ePMS Fixed Asset – This module lets you track a fixed asset across its entire life cycle from acquisition to disposal. In addition, you can maintain information on warranties, depreciation schedules and asset history. It also allows you to manage fixed assets across multiple locations and branches, as well as providing you with the capability of posting bulk depreciation based on asset categories and types. In addition, you can easily and accurately dispose and transfer assets.

Features of the module include:

  • Comprehensive fixed asset management system
  • Registration of fixed assets including all relevant information as well as relevant documentation such as warranty information and photos
  • Define your chosen method of depreciation, including standard methods such as straight line and sum-of-years digits
  • Automatic posting of single and bulk depreciation
  • Tracking of fixed assets across its end-to-end life cycle from purchase/creation to retirement
  • Fixed asset summary reporting including starting and ending balances in addition to changes in value during the period
  • Cost center allocation