ePMS Property Management HR & Payroll Software

ePMS HR and Payroll – This module provides an integrated solution for your human resources department that combines staff management and payroll functions. It also allows you to manage the process of recruiting new employees, including talent scouting. The module includes the following functions:

  • Training and development. Get the most out of your employees, including skills development, orientation of new employees, and leadership and professional development training that prepares them for taking on greater responsibilities in the organization
  • Recruitment. Find the right person for the open position, by identifying the requirements and writing the correct job description
  • Performance management. Determine if your employees are performing up to their full potential through performance appraisals. You can also identify candidates for promotions and raises as well as those employees who need additional competency building training
  • Absence and leave management. Help improve productivity in your workplace by creating absence reports, streamlining the leave process and assisting employees in need so they can return to productivity
  • Benefits management. Manage non-wage benefits such as medical, 401(k) plans and life insurance by creating benefits plans for existing employees as well as new plans for fresh recruits
  • Payroll management. Provides you with the ability to create payrolls and generate reports, including easy calculation of payrolls using the built-in formula calculator
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