ePMS Property Management Sales and Lettings

Property Management Software

This module helps you run your property business more efficiently while providing better service to your tenants. It’s a property management software London application which provides you with a comprehensive solution for managing your business process from end-to-end and makes it easier for you to handle multiple properties. You can readily integrate the software with your company portal so it reflects your updated inventory of properties in real time as well as making it easier for you to generate reports.
Features of the property management software include:

lettings Management:

  • Comprehensive marketing tools including the capability of sending bulk e-mails and conducting a marketing analysis
  • Capability of assigning inquiries and prospects to individual Lettings agents based on relevant criteria
  • Simplified management of unit inventory including real-time reflection of changes in area and price information
  • Easily upload property images and floor plans to your company portal
  • Easily generate documentation including lease agreements, lease renewals and lease cancellations
  • Easily monitor tenant history and perform required actions such as sending out lease renewals or cancellations
  • PDC and user role management capability
  • Monitoring accounts receivables and sending out collection notices
  • MIS and business intelligent report capability with ability to export reports to pdf and excel formats
property management software
property management software

Sales Management:

  • CRM – Customer Relationship Management
  • Extensive Marketing Tools like Bulk Emails, Enquiry & Marketing Analysis
  • Enquiry / Prospect Assignment and Reassignment to individual Sales Agent based on selected Criteria
  • Organize and Manage follow up Enquiries
  • Community / Sub – Community / Project hierarchy
  • Easy Management of Unit Inventory / Area Changes / Prices Changes
  • Property Images and Floor Plan Upload
  • Unit Block & Release
  • Online and Real time Sales Management – Reservation / Booking over the web
  • Different types of Payment Schedule Management
  • Generation of Contracts / SPA
  • Re-Sales / Transfer Management
  • Transfer History / Cancellations / Refunds
  • Funds allocation and Reallocation including Partial Reallocation from one Unit to the other
  • Accounts Receivables & Receipt Generation
  • Cheque Return Tracking
  • Auto Payment Reminders
  • Comprehensive Receivables, Ageing & Cash Flow Analysis
  • PDC Management
  • Auto Commission Calculation & Payable
  • Various built-in Standard reports with ability to Customize further
  • User Role Management
  • MIS & Business Intelligent Reporting exportable to PDF & Excel
  • RERA and ARRA Compliant Reports