Rent & Mall Property Management Software

ePMS Rent and Mall management module effectively manage leasing activities, facilitate an efficient proposal and approval process. Multi year lease provisions and complex VAT processes are built in. It enables companies to control, report, track, and manage owned and leased real estate and make better decisions on leases and related information.

  • CRM – Customer Relationship Management
  • Extensive Marketing tools like Bulk Emails, enquiry and Marketing Analysis
  • Enquiry / Prospect Assignment and reassignment to individual Lease Agent based on different Criteria.
  • Follow up Reports on Registered Enquiries
  • Community / Sub Community /Project / Area Changes / price Changes.
  • Property Images & Floor Plan upload
  • Unit Block & Release Lease Agreement generation
  • History of Tenants / Cancellation of Lease Renewals / Lease Renewal Notice Generation Accounts receivables
  • Single and Bulk Receipt generation
  • Cheque Return Tracking
  • Auto Payment reminders
  • Comprehensive receivables, Ageing & Cash Flow Analysis
  • PDC Management
  • User Role Management
  • MIS & Business Intelligent Reporting exportable to PDF & Excel
  • Final Settlement / Lease Termination
  • Monthly Lease Income Posting